Best interview questions for developers

Many people asked me a list of Best interview questions for developers. In previous post I described 6 qualities of people which are most important in considering for recruitment. These 6 qualities are:

1. Growth mindset (Enthusiastic to grow. Willing to learn)

2. Proactive thinking (Active in identifying & solving problems, not just passively receiving tasks)

3. Problem solver

4. Team spirit

5. Flexibility (Adapting to changes well, willing to adapt to changes)

6. Ability to retrospect.

I also stated that no matter industries and/or positions you are hiring for, you should find people with at least 2-3 of the above qualities. “Hard” skills such as technical skills or past experience are just secondary.

Interview questions for developers or any other positions in any other industries must help identify people with 6 above qualities.



Tips for hiring right people & building your team

Hiring right people is the most important work you ever do. It is so important that I need to stress:

“Recruiting right OVER Training right” – Tung Dao

In recruiting, what I value most from people is not their skills, their past experience or projects they did. What I look for in people are – no matter what positions I am hiring, be it developer, tester, business analyst: