Best interview questions for developers

Many people asked me a list of Best interview questions for developers. In previous post I described 6 qualities of people which are most important in considering for recruitment. These 6 qualities are:

1. Growth mindset (Enthusiastic to grow. Willing to learn)

2. Proactive thinking (Active in identifying & solving problems, not just passively receiving tasks)

3. Problem solver

4. Team spirit

5. Flexibility (Adapting to changes well, willing to adapt to changes)

6. Ability to retrospect.

I also stated that no matter industries and/or positions you are hiring for, you should find people with at least 2-3 of the above qualities. “Hard” skills such as technical skills or past experience are just secondary.

Interview questions for developers or any other positions in any other industries must help identify people with 6 above qualities.

Interview questions for developers

Interview questions for developers

List of interviewing questions for developers

By interviewing, you can easily verify if people have the qualities. Detailed list of questions I used to interview developers is:

CriteriaQuestions to identify
1. Growth mindset (Enthusiastic to grow. Willing to learn)Do you read books? What kinds of books?
How do you educate yourself everyday?
Tell me about your most interesting news that you read lately?
Where do you see yourself in next 5 years? Do you want to become manager or expert?
2. Proactive thinking (Active in identifying & solving problems, not just passively receiving tasks)What type of manager do you want to work with? Clear goal + Freedom to finish work OR Detailed, exact work & follow status closely?
Have you ever actively defined a plan of work for yourself? Did you manager satisfy with it? How would you handle if manager disagree with your own plan?
How do you collaborate with testers / BA / managers in your team?
Have you had daily standup meeting? How did it go?
3. Problem solverWhat do you do if client makes a requirement that you think will undermine your product?
A client logs a bug in production to you. What does it mean to you?
What do you think your boss need from you? Why company hires you? (Answer: Tasks & plan vs products & clients)
Have you ever proposed a solution / approach to a problem that is different from everyone's? Tell it.
4. Team spiritHave you ever been in conflict in team? Why? How did you face it?
How did/will you help your team? Help junior members? Senior members?
Your reaction when you have to put off a fire caused by another person, but he is absent (without informing anyone)?
Do you feel bothered if you are asked to help another member, when you are focusing on your own tasks?
What is difficulty of testers? What is difficulty of project managers?
Do you think that some roles in team is redundant?
5. Flexibility (Adapting to changes well, willing to adapt to changes)Do you often work with clients who changes requirement frequently? How do you feel?
Do you do anything to reduce changes in requirement made by client?
Work in more than one project at the same time? How do you feel? Have you ever felt annoyed?
How do you feel when being moved between projects and do different technologies in each projects
6. Ability to retrospectMost important skill to success in life?
Do you take notes when reading books? How do you do it? Do you find it helpful?
What more successful people do different from you?
What are your minus points?
What lessons you learnt during your career?
What qualities you are missing, that you see in your former managers / people more successful than you?


I have interviewed many developers, testers, business analysts,.. using these questions. They proved to be accurate in identifying people of the 6 qualities – Qualities that I deem most important in recruiting people.

Try my list of interview questions for developers by yourself and let me know the result :).




Tung Dao

Tung is a Msc. in IT Management from University College Dublin. Tung is currently working in Astro Bhd as Scrum Master.