Agile questions for coaching your team

Being a Project Manager & Scrum Master in Sigma Solutions, I was in charge of making sure projects run successfully, and Scrum runs smoothly.

In early 2017, I was tasked with a requirement: Instilling Scrum deeper into company’s culture. After some thoughts, I decided to organize an “Agile Understanding Contest” in Sigma – which was later dubbed “Sigmagile”.

Agile Contest in your company. Why?

“Applying Scrum practices is not enough. If I could make people think about Agile/Scrum, read about it, apply their knowledge in answering questions, discussing and listening to answers from Scrum Master, then we will have Agile/Scrum in our culture.”

That’s my rationale behind Sigmagile.

In next post I will discuss in detailed how Sigmagile was run, who was the winner and how has been the result. In this post, I will focus on the list of 13 Agile questions I used in the contest.


  • In Sigmagile, the total number of questions was 26, posted in 26 days, one question per day. 13 questions were Agile-related, the other 13 were not.
  • I modified this list a bit to make them pure Agile. When it was run, some questions were a little different.

13 Agile questions for coaching your team

1. Which of the following Agile manifesto is NOT true?
a) Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
b) Working software over comprehensive documentation
c) Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
d) Following a plan over responding to change
2. What is the name of one estimation technique in Scrum
a) Planning Poker
b) Burn-down chart
c) Gantt-chart
d) Daily meeting

3. What sentence is a correct example of User Story in Agile/Scrum:
a) As a normal user, I want to be able to login
b) This web should have login function
c) As a normal user, I want to be able to login, so that I can perform other activities (like, comment, buy) and see content available to registered users only
d) All sentences are wrong

4. Which statement is true in Agile:
a) List of user stories and tasks to work on cannot be change in middle of sprint
b) In Scrum, a user story which is done 95% but failed to work at the sprint review, can be considered DONE
c) Collective code ownership is the convention that “every” team member is not only allowed, but also has a positive duty, to make changes to “any” code file as necessary
d) All the above are wrong

5. Which of the following statements are most correct:
a) Daily standup meeting in Scrum can be longer than 30 minutes
b) Developers need to do at least quick tests by themselves to make sure their products works in normal cases before sending products to testers for testing
c) Daily standup meetings in Scrum are basically status meetings
d) b, c are true
e) a, b are true
f) a, b, c are true
g) Other

6. What is true about Agile development:
a) It was born as a mean to solve “application delivery lag”
b) In Agile, development team not only expects changes, but they are actually asking for changes
c) Agile development is both iterative and incremental
d) All these above are true
e) a and b are true

7. What is wrong about design in Agile:
a) Design needs to be complete in detailed level before coding
b) Design, similar to code, evolves throughout the project
c) “Design” of project includes not only graphical designs, but also architecture design, UX design and other models.
d) b and c

8. What are responsibilities of Product Owner:
a) Provide information about planning, priority, and clarification of requirement
b) Help development team check bugs
c) Checking product provided by development team, which is supposed to be of good quality, and giving feedback
d) All the above are PO’s responsibility
e) All the above, except b, are PO’s responsibility

Agile questions for coaching your team

Agile questions for coaching your team

9. What are 3 questions in retrospective meeting?
a) What went well during the sprint cycle?
b) What requirements were implemented wrong?
c) What went wrong during the sprint cycle?
d) What could we do differently to improve?
e) a, b, c
f) a, c, d
g) Other

10. What are 3 questions in Daily Standup Meeting in Scrum?
I. What did you accomplish since the last meeting?
II. What are you working on until the next meeting?
III. What did you learn?
IV. What did you perform well?
V. What is getting in your way or keeping you from doing your job?
a) II, IV, V
b) I, II, IV
c) I, II, V
d) I, II, III, IV

11. What is most correct about TDD (Test driven development)?:
a) TDD = TFD (Test First Development) + Refactoring
b) TDD is only about writing unit tests
c) TDD is only good in theory. In fact, no organization applies it successfully
d) TDD’s mantra is “Red, Green, Refactor”
e) a, b
f) a, d
g) b, d
h) All are wrong

12. What is true about pair programming in Agile?
a) Pair programming is: 2 people working together, looking at the same screen. One person does coding, while the other watch & discuss to identify & avoid bugs / bad code
b) Only people of same level in term of experience can do pair programming effectively. One junior developer cannot help an experienced one in pair programming
c) Pair programming is a good practice in Extreme Programming, one “branch” of Agile
d) In Extreme Programming, pair programming is a must
d) a,c
e) b,d
f) Other

13. Which statement is most correct:
a. In Agile, Customer collaboration is more important than contract negotiation
b. In Sigma, team members need to update status of every on-going tasks assigned to him on Tuesday & Thursday
c. A true Agile team doesn’t fear changes. They embrace changes.
d. Planning poker is a technique/tool for estimation of user stories’ velocities.
e. Primary of daily standup meeting in Scrum is to check status of tickets
f. In Scrum, a user story which is done 95% but failed to work at the sprint review, can be considered DONE.
g. All are true except e and f
h. All are true except d and e
i. All are true


If you want to see answers for these questions – give me a comment below or drop me an email to – I’m happy to have more interactions with readers of my blog.

If you are curious about how Sigmagile ended up & also want to hold similar contest in your company, keep following my blog. New post is coming.




Tung Dao

Tung is a Msc. in IT Management from University College Dublin. Tung is currently working in Astro Bhd as Scrum Master.